Tuesday, July 17, 2012


What a difference almost 3-1/2 weeks makes...  In the time since I've blogged a lot has happened.  On June 30th, I celebrated one of the happiest days of my life with my best friend, who is now my husband!  I GOT MARRIED!!!  It was simple, yet amazingly beautiful!  We were surrounded by a couple close friends and family for a nice, outdoor wedding.  ((I just realized after I wanted to upload about 30 photos from my wedding, that I should probably make that a separate post))

The day turned out absolutely beautiful and we had a great time!  J's parents, grandparents on his Dad's side, sister, and niece were able to come out from Michigan.  It was a great visit.  

Most of the time while his parents were in town we spent our time at the hotel visiting with them...  and swimming.  Hey!  What can I say?  Free swimming when it's 100+ degrees outside...  Yes Ma'am!  Sign me up!  I was a little saddened by the way M interacted with her grandparents tho.  Ok, so she hasn't seen them in over a year, which was back when she was 3 months old and of course she was all giggles and smiles, but now that she is a little more aware and cognisant... didn't want to have anything to do with them.  Sad really, I was hoping for a great visit that everyone would enjoy.  They sure do miss her when they aren't here and I completely understand, just wish things would have worked out better.  On a good note tho, she was giving kisses before they left, so that was nice!

We also had a great visit with a friend of ours from Wisconsin.  She is a really good friend of ours and was also the officiant for our wedding!  It turned out great!  She was with us from June 27th to July 7th.  Was sad dropping her off at the airport, but she had a function to go to back in WI, so I think she was ready!  

Now it's back to normal life... well, as normal as it ever was!  We are struggling a bit to get Maddie back on her normal routine.  Having family in from out of town and not doing what you are used to can mess up anyone's routine.  I am waiting for my test date to take my NCLEX - LPN exam, then I can get a job!  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kinda excited to get back to work.  After all, it's been 3 years since I last worked...  

Ok, off to see what Maddie's curious 17 month old fingers are getting into... most likely, not something she's supposed to have!  

Under Construction

Sheesh, isn't this the story of my life!  LOL  Anyways, just a quick note to say that I have some really great ideas for this blog and I'm going to be taking some time to spruce it up and add some stuff.

I've been thinking (scary, I know), my life isn't just one thing.  I am a multi-faceted person.  There is the part of me that is the wife to one of the most wonderful men in the whole entire world *swoon*.  There's the part of me that the mother to two wonderful, beautiful girls.  Then there's a part that is a recent Nursing school graduate, the part that is still learning her way through weight loss surgery, the part that wants to do ::some::  kind of crafty thing with her time...  the list goes on and on.

So my grand idea...  a blog of blogs.  I mean, why paint myself into a corner and only target one audience???    It just doesn't make sense.

So be prepared in the coming days and weeks to see some changes happening!  I'm excited...  how about you?