Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Under Construction

Sheesh, isn't this the story of my life!  LOL  Anyways, just a quick note to say that I have some really great ideas for this blog and I'm going to be taking some time to spruce it up and add some stuff.

I've been thinking (scary, I know), my life isn't just one thing.  I am a multi-faceted person.  There is the part of me that is the wife to one of the most wonderful men in the whole entire world *swoon*.  There's the part of me that the mother to two wonderful, beautiful girls.  Then there's a part that is a recent Nursing school graduate, the part that is still learning her way through weight loss surgery, the part that wants to do ::some::  kind of crafty thing with her time...  the list goes on and on.

So my grand idea...  a blog of blogs.  I mean, why paint myself into a corner and only target one audience???    It just doesn't make sense.

So be prepared in the coming days and weeks to see some changes happening!  I'm excited...  how about you?

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